Audivrana Remote on iPad / iPhone constantly 'Loading'


Recently the Audivrana remote on my iPhone / iPad has been behaving in a very frustrating fashion

I load a playlist of 300-400 tracks and Audivrana queues about 1/3 of those.

As I scroll through the Playlist to pick and choose tracks to play the remote app scrolls down the list of tracks but then freezes and says ‘Loading’. Once it starts this behavior it will continue it for some time and become almost unusable. When the ‘Loading’ stops the playlist has jumped back several tracks

At certain points it becomes unusable and I have to restart the App or purge the queued list or both. This behavior is the same on both the iPhone and iPad

I made a screen recording on the iPad which can be seen here to give an idea of the issue Dropbox - Audivrana Remote Lolading.MP4 - Simplify your life

Are there any logs I can share to see if the issue can be diagnosed?

Many thanks

Hi @bladeraptor,

Can you go into the Audirvāna settings and in the My Account section? You will see a ‘Start Log Session’ button; click on it and reproduce your issue. After you reproduce it, click 'Stop Log Session’ and see the audirvana_studio.log or audirvana_origin.log file you can find by clicking the 'Open Log Folder’ button.

Hi Antoine - I will do as you suggest. Looking through the log files myself I noticed Audirvana was having a real issue scanning a folder on my Windows 11 PC I had set it to look at.

Removing that folder may or may not have helped the issue as I have not seen it since yesterday.

I will work with a large playlist tonight and see if I can replicate the behavior

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