Audivrana Studio Remote App and others

Trying AS Windows mainly for KS and like now it has folder view of my folders. However,

  1. For the iPad remote, is there a button to see the Folder View?
  2. I set two music folders. One with everything at the NAS which has very large storage and the other a 2TB ssd inside the same PC chassis for selected favorites. Without going to folder tree view, some albums are same but with different rips or release versions. It’s quite frustratiing being not able to see which is which and in which drive.
    Not sure if I want to subscribe to this.

Hello @geekee

This is not available for the moment but we are working on it for a future update of the Remote.

If you use the Folder view in Audirvāna Studio, you shoudl be able to distinguish one to the other but if you are only using the Remote app then you will need to wait a little bit before it is available.

In the mean time, you can create smart playlist with the file path criteria to do the distinction.

Noted and thanks!

Without Folder view in the ipad remote meaning I have to go to dig around Windows AS app and my suggestion is allow AS to show folder/album/location names when clicking the 3 dots as displaying different versions of same album all the same is a waste of space and quite annoying. And, some users may not like to use Folder view.

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