Audivrana Studio Windows Kernal Streaming bug

Trying the Audivrana Studio for Windows (ASW) mainly for its Kernal Streaming (KS) which is very attractive. ASW recognizes the Denafrips dac as SPEAKERS in both KS and Wasapi and for Asio it’s reconginized as a dac apparently using Denafrips’ driver. This probably means ASW uses Windows audio services for KS & Wasapi. No problem if it works but the issue is occassionaly it would drop the “SPEAKERS” and if so there’s no access to ASW’s dac settings even for ASIO. At first had no idea what was going on but power off pc and reboot, power off dac, & change cables all with no luck. ASW read no dac or any audio devices but the dac driver control panel reads DAC is connected. The solution after some searching over the internet is to use the command prompt to dig out “Windows Services” and restart both “WIndows Audio” & “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder” but both these services were already set as automatic start up. When the “SPEAKERS” were dropped, needed to restart these two services to get going again and it’s doesn’t always work. The extreme scenerio is needing to go to BIOS to enable the onboard audio hardware which I don’t use for this audiophile only PC. This is something a casual computer user could have troubles solving, not to mention it’s a quite a hassle as well.

Can ASW take care of this bug or have these two services built into the app or make a “death’s grip” to these services instead of depending on Windows? At least when the “SPEAKERS” were dropped made ASIO using dac driver available. The sound is very good but my trial period ends in about 2 weeks and if this continues then no choice but to pass ASW and go back to my 3.5.

Hello @geekee,

Can you send us a copy of the “Debug Info” when you have this issue? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>My account

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Dear Antoine,
Thank you for quick response.
Sure but the problem is when it happens, ASW couldn’t see any audio devices thus could not go to the top right corner and get into settings to copy the Debug Info. Actually at this state ASW is unusable. If it’s revived then copy the log you can still see the history when it dropped services? Thanks!

I’m wondering, does your device has a Realtek driver in it?

PC is Asus TUF Z690 ATx + i7-12700 newly built and didn’t install the Realtek drivers from Asus site and at the bios Realtek HD audio disabled as have no intention to use it whatsoever. Need to install?

If you don’t have it, what driver did you installed for audio?

Denafrips Thesycon USB Driver V5.30 and in ASIO mode ASW indicates it’s using this driver and recognized as “Denafrips DAC”. In WASAPI and KS recongized as “SPEAKERS (Denafrips USB DAC)”. I can install the Realtek drivers from Asus motherboard site if it helps but really do not want to enabled the motherboard onboard audio module. Thanks!

When you have the issue that no device is connected while you have KS selected, can you try to disconnect and reconnect the USB connector from your computer?

When it happened before discovering the restart services technique, had tried pulling out the usb cable to same and different usb ports at the pc and at the dac’s single port. Used different cables. Power cycle the dac and the pc. At device manager and the dac’s driver control panel, the DAC is reported as connected. At the ASW no audio devices of any kind including ASIO mode. Only solution was at command prompt type “services.msc” and restart the two services mentioned in the first thread.

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