Audrivana and ROON?

Hello All-

I have a question that may see stupid. I have been doing a lot of research the last few days on using a MacMini as a music server. There is so much info out there it’s a bit overwhelming.

I think after doing all of this research I have settled on using Audirvana and will be downloading tonight to test it out.

My question: is ROON a control only app that integrates multiple libraries and multiple music sources into 1 manageable library or is it doing some of the same things in the background as Audirvana? Can the two be used in conjunction? I really like the layouts on the ROON they’re pretty slick.

Any and all info you can give to me or direct me to is greatly appreciated!

Roon needs a server component (Roon core) that can run on windows or mac. This server will manage your music collection and streaming services (input) and connects through wifi or ethernet (Roon bridge) to your various music system components. (streamers, DACs, transports,.etc.) This is the heart of your system.
You play music using a client (available for mac/windows/IOS and Android). Once the client is installed it connects to the server (core) and will show all your music (local and streaming) similar to Audirvana. You pick a destination (E.g. your living room system) and start to play.
I’m using both but mostly Audirvana. I have Roon installed and use it sometimes to play music in the kitchen or living room as background (using my phone as client). Both systems can easily connect and play to all my components. (I’m using RPi and Allo USBridge with DietPi as Roon bridge/Audirvana uPnP players and these are then connected via USB or S/PDIF to my DACs.
Hope this helps a little.