Audrivana defaults to Tidal sign in Audrivana Plus

Upgraded to Audrivana 3.5 but streaming Tidal defaults to Audrivana Plus. Hifi quality on Masters tracks does not exceed 16/44.1

Hello @Ianc31, you need to remove the older version of Audirvana from your Mac in order to not have this kind of issue.

This has worked. Thank you

Only error is login invalid but cancel and enter Audrivana?

Hello @Ianc31, What do you mean about that? You have an issue to connect your Tidal account in Audirvana?

Hi when I start the Audrivana app on my MacBook it comes up with LOGIN ERROR but I click on the cancel tab and it gets me into the app. How do I get ride of the LOGIN ERROR?

Can you post a screenshot of the error?