AUNBandEQ not working

I have used Audirvana 3.5 for a while and now I am evaluating Audirvāna Origin. I use a macmini connected to a Cambridge DacMagic 200 via USB.

I configured AUNBandEQ and entered the Eq parameters from REW; the Q numbers were converted to BW using a conversion calculator. I don’t notice any audio differences when I play music. This was also confirmed by REW measurements; the measurements are the same before and after entering the parameters in AUNBandEQ. The issue manifest in both 3.5 and Origin.

On a side note using AUGraphicEQ works as expected in both versions. I make changes in the equalizer and the changes are noticeable in the audio.

Perhaps I am missing something or I haven’t set a parameter in my Mac mini. Have anyone experience the same issues? Any idea what could be the problem?


The Apple AU plug-ins are not the best choice and they do have some problems… There are much better choices for EQ plug-ins… MeldaProduction has a nice free EQ-plugin that users here are applying and they can be purchased at a reasonable cost to get full access to parameters.

Make sure you are using the new Audio Units macOS hosting API

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Thank you for the feedback. I have the Audio Units macOS hosting API enable and still have the same problem. I will take a look at MeldaProduction EQ-plugin.

Solved the problem with AUNBandEQ. I am learning how to use the EQ and I completely forgot to click on the band to enable it. Working great now!

Thank you for trying to help me.