Aune XS1 10th Anniversary not showing DSD128 Support like it should

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I just recently started using Audirvana and was really looking forward to the DSD playback. I have several DSD 128 albums on my PC. I have an AUNE XS1 10th Anniversary DAC connected to my laptop through USB. It is up to date on drivers and has DSD128 support. However, it seems that Audivarna is not recognizing that it is DSD capable. Any help would be great…

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This could be a simple settings issue. Click on the settings (gear symbol) button to the right of your selected DAC; from the received DAC Input screen check to see what the Direct Stream Digital setting currently is and change the Method to DSD over PCM 1.1 in order to enable.

I agree with @PasDeDeux ,

You have chosen WASAPI. In WASAPI you need to activate DoP (DSD over PCM 1.1). See the screenshot below:

For more info on DoP click the link below (this is info from iFi Audio, but it is the same for all DACs):

How DSD is streamed in Audirvana? - iFi audio (

Edit: The article above is about Mac, but for Windows it is the same in Wasapi. Choose DoP over PCM 1.1.

@PasDeDeux @AndyLubke Oh Geez! I even saw this online but the settings wheel was greyed out until I updated Audirvana and I didn’t think to go back to check! I pulled a classic Nelson… Thank you BOTH!

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