Auralic- recommended?

So, I’ve just about had it with Studio and my Cyrus streamer. Constant software lock-ups and ‘server disconnected’ messages on the Cyrus.
Now, I’m not entirely sure where the problems actually lie so am contemplating replacing the Cyrus with an Auralic (Aries or Vega, not too sure yet).
Anyone on here have either of these Auralic units, and if so, does it play nicely with Studio?
Feel there’s not too much to lose if I replace as Auralic gear is ROON ready.

Hey @Ironz , I am on the fence right now as well. We are only 6 months into studio’s development and I’m paid up through June so no big hurry. Did you see that Cyrus has just announced that they are joining BluOs world? I’m a NAD fan and have been looking at the M33 Swiss Army knife thing, I have always been a analog integrated amplifier person but perhaps it’s time to try something new? The UPNP implementation seems to be a no hope issue of any further help with Audirvāna at this point.

I will be curious to see what response your question comes up with, you think of Lumin at all ?

Evening mate.
Yeah I’ve looked at Lumin but a little too rich for my pocket, unfortunately.
I’m more looking for a pre-amp/DAC combo, as I also have a couple of Cyrus Mono X300 Sigs that I absolutely adore and really wouldn’t want to lose.
I’m in the same boat as you with regard to subscription (I’ve also 6 months left), but the constant problems I’m encountering at the moment sucks all the joy out of listening to music when you KNOW the next crash/disconnection is just an album or two away. Shame, as when Studio’s behaving it sounds fantastic.

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Is this a networked Ethernet or wireless thing? I don’t do distributed audio so I’m curious… I can visualize a host of gremlins associated with copper transmission lines and wi-fi in the home, that will cause interrupts and loss of hand-shakes… I have a friend that does this sort of thing and his primary digital feeds are on optical, which removes the EMF, RFI noise and grounding/power noise and data corruption/jitter potentials…

If this a wi-fi networking thing, perhaps it’s the router creating problems, which seems to be addressed in products like this:

Hi @Agoldnear
I use UPnP with a wired LAN, no wi-fi.
Strange thing is I never experienced any of the problems I’m currently having when I used JRiver or BubbleUPnP/Minimserver. They appear (to me at least) to be rock-solid networking/UPnP wise.

How does the system behave when you use short 1 meter or less, connections from the computer to the router and from the router to the DAC, as a test, on a commonly ‘earthed’ system? What computer OS are you running? DAC firmware up to date, etc?.. Power/ground potential related gremlins can be migratory and these can change… When devices operate on different electrical circuits, random, spurious, data transmission corruption and loss of hand-shake can be precipitated.

Hello @Ironz

UPnP really is Studio’s weakness. I’ve tested so many otions and the only one working reliably is RopieeeXL running on my Raspberry Pi 4B. I don’t know if you can implement this in your setup, but I guess your Cyrus has a USB input, or not? If it has, the combination Raspberry Pi/RopieeeXL works flawlessly.

If there exists one setup working reliably (at least in my setup), I don’t know if AS can be blamed for bad UPnP implementation. To me it seems that many of the existing apps have less than optimal UPnP implementation.

BTW, I am eying Cyrus for quite some time. I’d like to get away from Devialet.


I’m running this as well, and even with this I have the occasional hiccup, where I have to restart Studio, the Pi, or both. Good to know that I won’t find any better success with an alternative, though I have contemplated ditching the Pi altogether and getting an old mac mini to connect to my DAC directly.

Hi @Agoldnear
Am running Win 10 Pro on an i7 NUC. Streamer firmware up to date. House is fully ethernet wired. I have a network cable running from my router in the kitchen to a 48 port Netgear 1Gb switch (in the loft), which in turn feeds the whole house. Unfortunately my router and hi-fi are at opposite ends in my house so without un-plugging all of my kit a test using shorter cables would be problematic. Good suggestion though :+1: Also as mentioned have never had a problem with JRiver so think the problem lies with Studio.

Hi @Sailor
Unfortnately my Cyrus streamer/DAC doesn’t have a USB input (except for iPod connection) so am unable to test with a separate streamer unless I use SPDIF which is limited to 192k, only the onboard solution (hence me looking at the Auralic Vega for an all-in-one solution).
However Cyrus do have a new pre-amp out, the Pre-XR:

I think THIS would probably be my choice, partnered with the Auralic Aries.
I also understand Auralics proprietary streaming software is very good (Lightning??) so no third-party software solution potentially required.

Ghosh, just re-tried RopieeeXL and sure enough, there were a few problems in getting it going :grimacing:

I’ve tested many apps with Pi 4: AudioLinux/GentooPlayer by running either Mpd/Upmpdcli or GmediaRender and all were unreliable with AS.

For the moment I am running HQPlayer Embedded and AS never has any droputs or so, but the remote just doesn’t display all the necessary information.

There is a discussion over at Audiophile Style of someone, after much frustration, switched to a Limetree Bridge and reported that it worked flawlessly with Audirvana Studio! Maybe that’s the way to go?

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It seems there is a global problem with how any given device implement/handle UPnP protocol… A quick internet search reveals a lot of negative potentials lurking in the protocol…

Agreed @Agoldnear.
When different companies implement the technology in different ways, the term ‘protocol’ almost becomes redundant.

If the good people at Audirvana devised a UPnP- independent protocol? Similar to what the Roon people did. when they came up with their RAAT protocol? Maybe a bit too much asking!

But having the computer running in another room is pretty common . Many users are dependent on a reliable transmission protocol.

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Reliable network transmission of critical data is not a trivial endeavor, if one is seeking jitter-free and noise-free reproduction at the target listening device…

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THIS. 100% this :+1:

If Audirvana is ROON certified then it does support RAAT… Yes?

I thought it was only the hardware that was ROON certified?
It’d be like an Apple app being able to run on a Windows PC.

I used to run Windows on a virtual machine on my Mac…

@Agoldnear Now now, you’re splitting hairs here :grinning:

The Auralic streamers have a very good reputation! A bit expensive, though, but no doubt, a leader in the field of network bridges. My only caveat is that the Aries streamers rely essentially on WiFi. If that would work in my house, I‘d doubt, though Auralic says that they optimized the Aries for WiFi. I‘ve had a previous Aries model on loan and I quite liked it. Easy to set up, reliable operation, and the Lightning app is very good. Nothing speaks against the Aries!

Indeed, using a streamer with its own built-in software might be a true alternative if we keep on suffering those connection problems with AS. A shame since AS‘ sound is gorgeous!

BTW, the Cyrus i9-XR looks smashing!

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