Auralic- recommended?


What a ridiculous suggestion to replace perfectly good , award winning hardware , just because a piece of software isn’t flexible enough to make it work. I love spending money especially when I see some benefit to be gained by it but just to fit in with a piece of software WELL.

Also clearly you live in a place where such hardware is available. You are spoiled. I live in South Africa we simply do not get such exotic equipment here we are limited to the few big names like Cambridge Audio that believe the market is big enough to warrant it .

Reading forums like this and the Roon , 90% of the mouthwatering morsels of equipment are even available without buying overseas and then risking the prohibitive import taxes sight unseen.

If @Antoine can’t get his software to talk to a very popular streamer like the CXN without butchering the signal then he doesn’t deserve my custom, sorry Antoine .

I’ll stick with uPNP via my jriver server

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Yes it was me , I have a Cambridge Audio CXN v1 which is uPNP compliant but the only way I could get it to work was to upsample everything before passing to the streamer, hardly bit perfect …

I bought a years sub that was a complete waste it hasn’t been used for months. I try each update to see if any correction has been made Alas not .

To be honest I wasn’t sufficiently impressed with AS to persevere, I use Roon pretty much all the time nowadays

For interest I run Roon (through a RPi/Allodigone ) and JRiver through the CXN to a Audiolab M-DAC as a headphone amp. I do not really use speakers.

I am however seriously considering a Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition as we speak , we can buy them here :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Hi Mike, what I wrote you was: ‘only if you want to stay with AS’. And I didn’t know about the situation in your country and I pity you for that. In my case, I didn’t had an expensive player, so I could easily sell and replace it for a more generic and better equipped UPnP-player. Hopefully AS can solve your problems in the near future! Right now I only have the database problems left, but if they can’t solve them, I’m out too!


So, another evening’s listening pleasure ruined, yet again, by Studio crashing requiring a restart of my server!
Honestly, this software is about as stable as a drunk on a unicycle.
Have 5 months to go on my Studio subscription, and at this rate absolutely NO chance of re-subscribing.
I really do hate to be this pessimistic, but after what seems like a prolonged period of paying to beta test, enough is surely enough.


@MikeO …You can extrapolate from what @Jos is suggesting…

A bridge like UltraRendu allows one to continue using the existing DAC or streamer in a reliable network scenario… For those in the DSD camp, the PCM 192kHz limitation of some devices is unacceptable… In this use scenario one can easily swap DACs at will, as the network reliability has been established/codified by quantified, accomplished, qualified/certified compliant UPnP clients…

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I‘m getting annoyed, too! But I don’t know if I can blame Audirvana. My Devialet goes to idle after 15 minutes without an audio signal. If I have Audirvana running on my computer, the switch to idle lets Audirvana to crash completely and I have to force quit it on my Mac. Last night it was particularly bad as even the incredibly stable Roon didn’t work anymore.

I‘m coming to the conclusion that UPnP is just a plain difficult thing to manage.

I now switched my Devialet to Ethernet in. This has always been phenomenally stable. BUT, I can’t use Audirvana with this configuration as it doesn’t recognize the Ethernet port. One of the mighty advantages of Roon that can be used with so many inputs.

Audirvana team: please make such ports available too!!!

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Thanks , I am perfectly aware of the various functions of the digital replay chain , I went fully digital 10 years ago. I have been through various streamers and computer based streaming solutions

Before I moved to Roon the CXN was an excellent choice working perfectly with JRiver Server. However being the V1 it’s not Roon Ready so I made a Roon bridge with RPi/ Roipeee which covers Roon and upnp

What I don’t expect is that upnp based product like AS should not fully support a hardware environment as Hi end as the CXN

I tried AS only as a Roon replacement but honestly it comes up short in so many areas I abandoned it. I bought. 1 year sub , if I played it for 1 hour I would be luck. Roon however runs 4 - 8 hours daily with no hitches

Enough said, each to their own AS is not for me