Aurdivana hangs or sound are distorted

Dear all,

I have some issue I for sure did not have with previous versions of the app:
1/ sometimes, when playing back songs and updating the DB at the same time, the application hangs with the beach ball and no more sound. Surprisingly (or not as the interface management could be part of a different thread) I still can browse the library.

2/ Sometimes, and this does not seem to be related to a specific situation on my MAC, the sound appears to be distorted like if some of the loudspeakers were broken or badly connected. The manufacturer of my DAC told me to try another player as he heard many stories like that one with people using Audirvana.

Hi patifr,

For the second issue have you tried to enable to audio interface hogging (exclusive access) mode?

What resolution files are you playing? Try also to increase the memory for pre-loading of tracks.

Hi Bitracer,
Thanks for the advice. I really thing that I’m already in the exclusive access mode. I understand that the direct mode (but this is something else I guess) cannot be used since Apple decided not to grant those direct access to everybody.
I play files with different resolutions (PCM up to 24/96, DSD64 up to DSD256) but as far as I remember (It could be worth a more formal testing when the issue is back) it seems this was happening with DSD files (Not 100% sure though).
I also tried to play with the memory for pre-loading and according to my latest setup (after I upgraded RAM to 16GB) I can use at least 1GB which is sufficient to load several minutes of music. So I guess the issue is not coming from a lack of memory.
I will keep everybody informed if I encountered the same issue again after I make additional testing to narrow down the possible root causes.
Thanks anyway.

Interesting test I just made. I heard some distorted sound out of my system (horrible!). I check the memory status: plenty of free RAM (I have 16GB and am used not to have many apps open when using Audirvana). I check CPU status: OK, busy at only 30%.
I check the amount of memory allocated to playback buffer: was something around 1.2 GB. I stop playback and change the value to 1.1GB. It worked. But not for long: 10 min later the problem was back. Again I just changed the value and problem went away.

I’m not sure to understand why such a problem occurs but for sure I NEVER had this with the previous versions of Audirvana, when my RAM was only 4GB.

It’s really a big source of dissatisfaction for me. I simply want something that plays the music, like the good old CD Player.

Why don’t you try to play through another program. Even free ones, like VLC even. At least you can narrow down the issue.

Thanks for the advice! I used VLC with the same configuration as for Audirvana (USB + same DAC).
Problem poped up again after some minutes of playback.
Then, I tried to use another USB port. And then, guess what, it works! No more problem, so far. Crossing fingers!
If confirmed, that means I have a problem on my MacBook Pro with one USB port. At least, it does not seem the problem is coming from Audirvana.