Auto play next discontinue

I’m new to Studio and would like to get rid of the automatic feature of adding music to my play list. I’d like to play an album and when it ends do my own search for more music to play. I’ve tried pruning the queue but it just keeps on adding music I don’t want to hear.

You can turn off this new feature under settings → Streaming:

Thanks. I use Tidal so after a little searching I found the option to discontinue auto play from last song. I’m glad I didn’t throw the computer against the wall. That would have created more problems than it solved!

Hi Jim !
If on your PC or Mac this auto play feature for Qobuz is actually working after last update ?
I am running latest version of Studio 1.13.1 (11301) for Mac on Mac mini (Monterey 12.4) and this new auto play function is on by default.
I played same album from Qobuz twice and Studio just stopped as usual at the end of album.There was no follow of similar music or any music.
I tried Roon few times and this auto play function is great but I like Audirvana.
And I am sure that this auto radio will be working for me also soon.
Just want to ask other members if this is working for them ?
Best Regards !

It works!

I don’t know about Roon, used not so much, but as I understand this feature is not the same. I’m talking about Qobuz, leaving Tidal last year. So this is exactly the same service as that offered with Qobuz native apps (the same tracks are recommended).

So this is what I’d do:

0.Make sure to run Qobuz only in one place/device

  1. Install Qobuz app from their website
  2. Make sure autoplay is on
  3. Play a very popular song, for example “Don’t worry be happy” or the last track from a Rihanna album
  4. If it’s not working contact Qobuz, they have a good support, even in the non working days
  5. If it works, as it should, try with AS. Make sure in the settings (“Streaming” tab) to be on. That’s all. Only tracks from Qobuz will be added.

IMO this feature is great. I saw other members discovered good music with it too. So even if their algorithm is not as good as Spotify or Deezer it’s cool.

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