Auto re-scan not working

I have Audirvana installed on a NUC running Windows 11. My music files are stored on a Synology NAS and the music folder is mapped on Windows and that is the folder that Audirvana points to. All connected via Ethernet connection. I added a few albums to my library hours ago and they are still not showing up in Audirvana. Does Audirvana only re-scan periodically or should it be as the folder contents change?

You can launch the sync manually also, but it looks like something is up. The files should have appeared by now.

Thanks for jumping in @bitracer I thought so. I’ll have a go manually launching the scan, but not sure how to go about figuring out what is wrong. It says auto next to the path to my music folder so that looks ok?

Are you using a Mac or a PC?

As in my original post I am running it on a NUC with Windows 11. Is that what you mean?

Yep, sorry. Was a bit distracted.

Did you map the remote share to a drive letter and add it to the Audirvana library from there?

Check the SMB settings in Synology. Set the minimum SMB level to 2.

No probs. Yes mapped to drive letter and Audirvana points to this drive on the NUC. I’ll check the SMB settings but if they were wrong would the library sync at all? The first sync on launch went perfectly (if very, very long) and the manual re-scan is going fine (taking a while again).

Sorry about the long break. Took a rest from Audirvana to try other things. Just come back and this issue has got a little worse for me. I checked the smb settings and minimum is version 2. Still no auto sync. I added 4 new albums today and after an hour they still hadn’t showed up in my library. I did a manual re sync and it took over half an hour - it was almost as if AS had forgotten what it already knew and rescanned every file and folder (it was all up to date and fully synced before I added the new albums). And the new albums didn’t show up until the very last minute! Any thing else I can try?