Auto-scanning not working when launching added folders not showing up in Library

I guess my Library has had this issue for a couple of months now; I figured later updates would probably fix the issue, but I’m still dealing with it. I’ve added at least 10 new discographies from different bands; not a single one of them is actually listed in my Library even though they’re listed in my “added folders” location in Settings. Also, apparently scanning in general isn’t working either. Has anyone else dealt with anything like this?

Hello @bogginhead, have you tried to reinstall Audirvana again?

Hey there Damien. Actually, I haven’t done that as of yet. I was kind of wondering how I might actually need to go about doing that. Would I need to uninstall Audirvana then re-download the program from the site or something like that? If you think it’ll fix the issue I’ll definitely give it a shot…

By the way, since I’ve already purchased the lifetime warranty for Audirvana, do I have to purchase the license again for some reason if I uninstall the program? I was looking at the website under the “already a customer” section, and it seemed like the only two options were to either upgrade my license or convert my license; I was fairly certain that I was already using Audirvana 3.5. Is this correct?

Sorry for the multiple replies. I only use Audirvana on my only desktop pc, by the way…

Exactly, you need to fill the form here: htpps://

Not at all, you need to keep your license key since this is how you unlock Audirvana. To install Audirvana on any new device or reinstall it again you need to install useing the form on our website.

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