Auto-start Audirvana in Cover mode and fullscreen

Maybe there is already a way to achieve this that I am not aware of…

I run Audirvana on a headless Mac mini and controlled it with Audirvana Remote on iPad. I would like to auto-start Audirvana when Mac is turned on (this works, of course) but in the Cover mode and in full screen. Would be really nice to have if there is not already a wy to achieve this!

Thanks for a great piece of software!

I would like to know this also. I would like to start Audirvana in full-screen mode. Can the app do this?

Hello @johnaflood, this feature is not available in Audirvana. If you start the software in cover mode, how would you select your music to play?

I would continue to use Audirvana on iPad to control the music. The cover view, which does not exist, would be selected in Audirvana on Mac Mini and this view would be sent to a monitor connected to that mac.