Auto vs. Manual in library setting

What is the difference between “Manual” and “Auto” for the folder mentioned in the library settings? On one computer it’s Auto, on the other “Manual”. But I don’t see why, don’t see a different behavior, don’t know how to change between Auto and Manual.

Here a screenshot with “Manual”:

Thank you for clarification!

Bonjour @Antoine
Je me réjouirais si vous pouviez expliquer la situation, merci !
Bonnes salutations, Martin

Auto will update itself when you put new files in it… manual won’t update till you click sync.

Sometimes in catalina my audirvana soft start faster than my external hard drive as loaded. So it says manual then, i just quit audirvana and start it again, and it return auto :grinning:

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Merci, @RunHomeSlow !

Yes, on one of the computers the drive with the files is slow so Audirvana shows “manual”.

But if the speed of the drive is the reason why Audirvana says automatically “auto” or “manual” then I don’t understand the meaning of the setting “Synchronise folders each time Audirvana starts / Erneutes Durchsuchen…bei jedem Start”:

In fact, Audirvana does not synchronise folders each time Audirvana starts although the setting states it. Confusing and not a helpful behavior. @Antoine, je proposerais que le réglage ci-dessus vraiment fait comme écrit: synchronise each time Audirvana starts. No matter if the drive is slow or fast; if I do the setting then I mean it!

Hello @Martin_from_Zurich,

The post from RunHomeSlow is a good answer. If it display Manual that mean your Hard Drive Disk is not ready to be used when you open Audirvana. Since the drive is not ready the scan can’t occur at the start of Audirvana.

Merci beaucoup!

I understand it.