Automatically stop player after one song

Is there a possibility to stop playing automatically after each song, without the next song starting automatically?
I need this so that I don’t have to rush after each song during speaker tests before the next song in the playlist starts playing.
I use Audirvana Studio with Qobuz.


Hi @Stan,

You can do that if you click on the three dot menu of a track while you play queue is cleared like this:

Make sure you also have disabled this option in Audirvāna Studio setting to avoid the autoplay from Qobuz after your track is finished:

Thanks Antoine,
I’ll give this a try.

Greetings, stan

Hi Antoine,

It works the way you recommend, but it is very cumbersome.
Every time you want to start a different song in this way it only works when the play queue is cleared again.
A button that gives you the opportunity to stop playing after a single song, such as the Repeat play queue or the shuffle play queue, after which you can start another song that also stops after playing would be much more useful.

Greetings, Stan

Ultimately, it would be an option like “Play just this track”?

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That would be fantastic, if you didn’t have to take a few steps every time to click that option!

Greetings, Stan

I added your idea to the correct category so you can vote for it as well as other users :wink:

Ultimately, when the hypothetical “Play just this track” is instigated, any tracks held in the play queue memory buffer are cleared, and just the selected track is played… no other other associated album tracks or playlist tracks are loaded into the playback queue memory, under this hypothetical “Play just this track" scenario.

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That’s the idea.
As long as you don’t have to rush before the next song (which may be much louder) starts playing and you can let the song that has just been played calmly sink in and be assessed!

For me, it is about ultimate fidelity of playback, unaffected by unnecessary background loading of files into the queue memory… When I choose a track to play, unless I want to listen to subsequent contiguous album or playlist tracks, this track is the only file loaded into the playback queue memory buffer… I don’t want any other superfluous background activity after the chosen track has been loaded into the playback memory buffer and is playing… Under this “Play just this track” scenario, when the track is finished, playback will stop, because there is no other file(s) loaded into the playback queue memory.

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