AV Studio > DSD to Marantz PM7000N via DLNA

Installed the new AV Studio.

DSD to Marantz PM7000N via DLNA still does not work.
Very disappointed this is not getting fixed.

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Any update on this issue please?

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Unfortunately it’s HEOS related issue. Don’t think it will be fixed any time soon.

Sorry but how do you know this?

I’ve been through this with the developer many times. Every other piece of software has no problem to send native DSD as is to these HEOS devices. Expect this software.

It’s been discussed before, @Damien3 even reached out to Denon/Marantz. The reply was that pretty much Audirvana would need to implement HEOS compatibility.

With full blown UPnP server it’s a different story. Audirvana is not full blown UPnP server, nor can it control third party servers like Minim. It can just play to UPnP compliant devices.

Yes that’s what he said.
Not accurate though.

AS 1.3 does not fix this issue.