Avid Pro Tools crashing Audirvana Origin 2.0

Since I updated Audirvana Originn to 2.0, it has been crashing frequently.

This is especially frequent when starting or closing another application that uses Core Audio (such as Avid Pro Tools).
This has been happening since updating to 2.0 and did not happen in previous versions.
I would like to revert to a previous version of Audirvana, but I cannot find the installer.
Can anyone help me with a solution?

Mac Pro (2019) 3.2GHz 16core Intel Xeon
64GB 2933MHzDDR4
AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16GB
Grace Design m905

Hi @drmsuga,

Can you please send the debug info while Pro tools is not started?

Hi Antoine,

Here is the debug info with Pro Tools not running.

Hi @drmsuga,

thank you for the file.

We will need more information from as the debug info didn’t gave us a lot of information.

Can you restart Pro Tool and then open Audirvāna Studio using Terminal? You can find it under the Utilities folder in Application.
We recommend you to copy and paste each line one at a time and press return each time you paste a line:

cd ..
cd ..
Applications/Audirvana\ Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/Audirvana\ Studio

After doing this, please send me everything you have in Terminal so I can review it with the team.

Hi Antine,

I am sending you information on when I launched Audirvana Origin from the terminal after launching Pro Tools, and when it crashed afterwards.
The timing of the crash this time was not Pro Tools launch or quit, but happened when I mounted the external SSD. Crashes often occur when mounting and unmounting media like this. This is also a symptom after updating to 2.0.