Avoid duplicate tracks in playlists

I think Audirvana should warn you when you are trying to add a song to a playlist and that song is already in said playlist.


Seriously! I can’t stand having to add a song to a playlist, only to see that it’s already there. All the other plays I’ve used gives you a warning, and it should be so easy to implement.

If you guys are handy with running Python scripts on your computer then see my thread here:

You need to export your playlists in Audirvana into M3U playlist files and then use my Python script with the name of your playlist file as an argument. It will list the duplicates based on song title only. You can use this information in Audirvana by sorting your playlists by TITLE to find the duplicates quickly.

I use my script once every couple of months to clean up my local playlists in Audirvana.

However, it is crazy that this feature doesn’t already exist in what is otherwise really good software.