Back to Search?

In the iOS Remote App when I make a search I’ll first get the choice between Local and my streaming services and in the next step I’ll choose an album, artist etc. After that I can easily go back to the former Search with just one touch and try another streaming service from the same search entry.

But in the MacOS application when I try to do the same thing I can’t go back to Search. When I click Back I get back to the page that was present before my first search. What am I missing? How do I take one step back to my own previous Search?

Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong here?

Hello @matisse, Unfortunately you can’t go back to your search with the arrow but we will work on it and make it available in a future update of Audirvana.

Thanks a lot, this will be much appreciated!
Thank you for an excellent player!

I too would find this more intuitive approach to “go back to search” a good improvement!

I have thought many times about how helpful being able to return to the Search outcome would be. Glad to see that it is on the list for a future update and just wanted the idea another endorsement.