Bad Difference btw Mac and Win Versions

Today I began to test the Win-Version on a Win10-Laptop for Playing my Audio-Flac-Files
with a DAC, so i guess to get the same Interface like i have on my Mac.
But I miss something around the Sorting of Artist and Album, what i use in the mac version. There is no Part to get the Artist grouped like i do on Mac.
And the cover-flow under the Albumplaylist is something i never missed on Mac!
This is horrible…
Why is the Version on Win so different? I like the one on Mac much more

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Why on the earth would you punish yourself to use Windows. :wink:

I know what you mean :grinning:
but i got this laptop years ago and thought it would be a good tool to play music,
it is a lenovo with touch-screen and a Intel I3, enough power for this purpose.
I won’t by a macbook or a mac-mini without screen specially for this work :smirk:

Hello @mykind, can you make some screenshots of the difference you get from Windows 10 and MacOs?

Don’t you know your own Software?
It’s like I wrote - no Sort-Order like on MAC and the stupid Coverflow under the Playlist.

Here you can see the Order for artists. This works only on Mac.
Screenshot2_2020-08-26 13.06.41_m4MoSZ

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