Bandcamp streaming

Please add Bandcamp streaming

Bandcamp artists " in our business model: when a fan buys something on Bandcamp, an average of 82% of the money goes to you, and the remainder covers our revenue share and payment processor fees. In other words, we only make money if you make a lot more money. "

unlike spotify which pay about 0.003cents per song (and I hear all the others are similarly poor)

It seems ironic as the developers are trying to earn a living - they are not the only ones - without new music - there would be little point in subscribing to audirvana


Bandcamp does not pay streaming royalties to artists.

Rather, Bandcamp pay artists based on downloads/purchases, which provides significantly more revenue than streaming to those not named Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift.

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All bandcamp purchasers get “free” streaming of any album they gave money for.

So this is “streaming” in the same sense as HIRes Audio, which is also a purchase then stream service, already provided by Audirvana

And yes it is much better for artists, currently many up and coming, or minority interest musicians use it and need it. Far better way to get your £s, €s &$s to the musicians than Spotify

Oh interesting. I’ve never used HRA (not available in my part of the world). I always assumed it was like Qobuz, where the purchase was optional and not required for streaming access.

Bandcamp streaming quality is MP3, which is probably a non-starter for a lot of people on here.

When I bought, it was purchase only. just checked (to see what stream quality I get) they have a (expensive) streaming service too.

Purchasers can only stream what they’ve bought (at £19.99 per album for mine)

Bandcamp purchases are flac. I’d assumed the stream was too (can’t hear difference on phone).
As I have to keep my albums on a server, takes a while to be available, so that might have been handy

Yes, I too would like to see Bandcamp streaming added to Audirvana Studio.

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