Basic set up Audirvana with Mac & iTunes

i have issue with Audirvana Plus Trial version, installed yesterday on my Mac: I can not reroute the output music on my DAC Asus Xonar Essence One Headphone Output. The DAC is connected to the MAC thru the USB ports, & customized as Speaker USB on my MAC
I would appreciate your support, since i guess it is a basic set up error, but i am not so familiar neither with MAC Set Up, nor iTunes set up, nor Audianirvana Plus, nor my newly acquired DAC Asus.
I precize that the music output on my DAC was OK, thru the Headphone output, prior to installing Audirvana Plus Trial version on my MAC (and i have rebooted since);
My MAC preferences: Sound configuration was at that time with Speaker USB as Ouput
When i switch My MAC Sound configuration to Internal LoudSpeaker, type Integrated, --> Music is delivered thru the integrated loundspeakers of the MAC.

MAC Configuration at the moment, without no output to may DAC:

  • MacBook Pro, 8 GB RAM, mid 2009 old, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2,53 GHZ, HDD
  • Yosemite 10.10.5 (latest available on this model)
  • MAC Preferences Sound configuration: Speaker / USB as Ouput

Audirvana Plus Preferences:

  • in Audio System:
  • when Prefrerred Audio Peripheric: Integrated output -->music in Mac Loudspeakers
  • when Prefrerred Audio Peripheric: Speaker --> no music neither in DAC headphoen output nor in Mac Loudspeakers & error msg: Failure in gaining exclusive access OSError = hog!

iTunes Preferneces: no change done on initial configuration.

–> Result: no sound in my Headphone output of the DAC, but Music is delivered thru the integrated loundspeakers of the MAC
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot

Have you tried removing the option “Exclusive Access Mode” in A+ preferences or “Integer Mode” or both ?

OK, found it. Had to select Speaker and not Integrated Output.