Basic Setup (MacBook Air > Self Powered wireless speakers)

I’m new to Audirvana and loving it! This my las week of the trial and before decide to pay for it I have some questions.

I use Audirvana with Tidal and Qobuz, no local files.

- I play Audirvana from MacBook Air > Airfoil > Apple TV > HomePod Speakers (Stereo paired).

Everything works fine with the set up above. I can even see the album art in my TV! I don’t now if Airfoil is compressing my High Resolution Qobuz or MQA Tidal songs to 16/44 bitrate because of the Airplay limitations. I strongly suspect it does, but not sure. Airfoil is very secretive when asking about what exactly they do with Airplay.

Does somebody knows if Airfoil compress the High Resolution audio?

- Upgrading my system to enjoy my high resolution music fully.

I know that you can play Tidal or Qobuz directly from your Computer/Audirvana to the Devialet Phamton speakers wireless . Unfortunately I can’t afford two Phantom speakers.

I want two self powered speakers, cheaper than the Phantoms, to be paired as stereo that allow me to play from my computer/Audirvana directly without an extra audio device (not streamers in the middle) like the Devialet speakers do.

What would it be my options, if any?

I hope the above makes sense. I’m new on this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Airfoil is an AirPlay emulator (why do you use it instead of pure AirPlay?) hence you have the same limit of AirPlay concerning max resolution that is RedBook CD (16/44.1)
Regarding MQA, if you don’t have an MQA enabled dac you can’t go beyond 24/96 if your player is able to perform the first unfolding (like Audirvana) otherwise you are limited to 16/44.1

You could see Adam Audio, T series or A series, or something like Kef LSX


Thanks for your reply! Regarding your question “why do you use it instead of pure AirPlay?”

Using Audirvana directly with Airplay to broadcast to my Apple TV is hit or miss to me. 90% of the time Audirvana doesn’t see my airplay, and when Airplay finally appears in the “Audio Output Selection” of Audirvana, I can’t check it. It is there but when checking the little box at the left nothing happens. The fix is to restart Audivarna, and sometimes I need to restart more than once.

Another reason is when using Audirvana - Airplay directly to my Apple TV, I can’t see the Album cover art on my tv. Audirvana-Airfoil- allows me to see the album covert art.

Finally, when playing Audivarna-Airplay directly the connexion is very unstable, it keeps dropping often.

Thanks again, Stefano, I w’ll check those speakers. I read in this forum that Kef speakers where having problems playing directly from Audivarna to Kef. It seems a problem in the Kef’s side related to UPnP. Do you know by any chance if they fixe it?

no sorry. I didn’t even know about the problems