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I was using Audirvana in the past, and happy with it! Now that I have a new MacStudio computer, I had to update Audirvana to Audirvana Studio (what’s in a name). Can somebody help with some beginners questions?

  1. I’ll use Audirvana Studio mainly to listen to my huge HiRes music collection that is stored on external Hard Disks. When I open selected songs (right click, open with Audirvana Studio), the music does not start with the selected music, but with music that is present in Audirvana>my music>albums. I recognise these albums, but I don’t know how they are there in Audirvana, and it is not the music I want to listen to. So the question is simple: how to listen to my music stored on my external hard disks with one simple click?
  2. I am a bit worried on de music that appears in Audirvana>my music>albums. Is this music physically stored on my internal Mac hard disk?
  3. For the rest I don’t have any issues in using Audirvana studio via my subscribed streaming service (Qobuz), internet radio, podcasts, etc.
    Many thanks and greetings from Hua Hin, Thailand, Willem


When it comes to my music > albums. Those are albums that you have favorited in the past. They can be local albums or albums from Qobuz. This is also true for music > tracks.

You don’t have to worry about them taking up space on your Mac’s internal hard disk. They are just links to where the songs are. Either on one of your external hard disks or Qobuz.

If you open up the Show settings option (near the top right edge of Audirvana Studio) and then select the Local tab you can add folders which Audirvana will watch for locally stored music.

In my case it’s a single folder on the SD card slotted into the hub on my M1 MacBook Pro.

After Audirvana has imported all your music you can find them in the local menu on the left side. Or start typing the title if you know what you are looking for in the search bar.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. It is good to know that my music will not taking up space on my Mac’s internal hard disk. That solves only partially my problem. I was able to add the location of one of my external hard disks under the local tab in Audirvana, and the CDs on that disk are visible in Audirvana. So I can open these CDs via Audirvana Studio. But the problem is that I have far over 100 TB HiRes Music & movies stored on external hard disks (times two, because I have an additional back up of course). The music on my external hard disks is well organised, so what I need is to open the music directly from the respective external hard disks, and NOT via Audirvana Studio. This was possible with the old Audirvana, and most other players. I am pretty sure that there should be a way, but…how to find it.

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Hmm… You seem to have found a bug here.

I’ve tried to right click-> open a music file in the Finder here

Going for this option, Audirvana Studio does open… But plays the last track I’ve played in the past. With the program running I’ve tried right clicking it again in the Finder and then after a few tries it works.
This must be a bug, because if I try a different player. It opens and starts playing the track right away.

Is this a known bug in Studio? If so, it’s likely in Origin as well.

Yes! This is exactly my problem!

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I’ve been doing some more testing here.

If I try a different track with Audirvana Studio still open. The whole things starts over again.

Yesterday during my last session the last song that I’ve listened to was U2 - A Sort of Homecoming (Remastered 2009) on Qobuz.

When I right click any music file in the Finder and choose to play that file through Audirvana Studio, AS starts but starts playing the U2 track again. Going back to the Finder and right clicking the same song a second time will start playing the selected track.

If I try a different track. Then either that one plays correctly or AS reverts to the U2 track again.
If I close down and restart AS, then the U2 track is back as well…

This has to be a bug.

Yes, actually it adds the track to the play queue but do not remove the tracks that were here before. It’s in our backlog

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Ok it seems this bug is known by the Audirvana team, and they will fix it at some point :smiley:

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