Benchmark DAC3 HGC and Audirvana with DSD?

Hi all!

I have Benchmark DAC3 and Audirvana is streaming with DoP 1.1 to DAC with USB.

This reply i got from Benchmark support: "Yes, the 2x and 4x lights should be on when a DSD64 file is being played.

Verify that the DAC is in the USB 2 mode. If in the USB2 mode, something is not set correctly in Audirvana."

I have only 16 and 44 lights on so it’s not correctly sending DoP 1.1?

Do you get sound? Does it sound right?

Check if the software volume control is disabled.

btw, i have Tidal so does Tidal support DSD?

Where did you read that Tidal streams dsd?

Hello @GlfiGamer, can you make a screenshot of Audirvana while you are listening to your DSD music?