Best EQ plugin on Mac?

Any recommendations for the best sounding EQ plugin on Mac? I’ll just use it for 2 band EQ (low bass boost, slight HF roll-off), nothing complicated. I’m now using the Apple parametric EQ AU that comes standard on Mac (a Garageband/Logic DAW control), surprised to find that it seems to degrade overall sound quality more than the 64 bit parametric EQ on Roon for example. Thanks!

I am happy with Voxengo’s. E. g.:

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Please disregard my question. Today I found more information on Garageband about AUNBandEQ filters and settings, then revised my settings on Audirvana to match my EQ settings on Roon. SQ is now fine (as one would expect for an EQ plugin used on Logic Pro X, a pro studio quality DAW).