Best experience with Beyerdynamic Impacto?

Hello folks,

does anybody have a suggestion how to best set up Audirvana for Beyerdynamic Amiron headphones with Impacto DAC? (Audirvana Plus for Mac 3.2.14)

I just got those headphones, and I was disappointed at what I heard: even though the spatial reproduction was excellent, the bass impressive and the overall reproduction very lively, it was mainly a lot of bass and rather dull trebles. All music sounded like it was covered in a thick layer of dust. In some classical guitar tracks, you can not hear the sound of fingers touching guitar strings, just the sound of the strings themselves.

I tried different settings with and without upsampling, but the result was the same. The music files were FLAC and ALAC, both ripped from CDs and HiRes audio.

I had almost decided to return the headphones, but then I tried them with VLC, and suddenly there was this great neutral sound with crisp trebles. Now I could hear those fingers touching the strings.

However, VLC makes the music sound rather 2-dimensional (it’s like all instruments are lined up to the side only, no spatial depth to speak of) – and it sounds less natural. So I would really prefer to keep using Audirvana.

Can anybody point me in a direction where I get a more balanced and crisp sound out of this set up under Audirvana?

Best regards,