Best OS for sound quality, macOS or WIndows?

Dear all,

First post. I’m sorry that it doesn’t seem to fit the category “audio formats” that well, but it seems to fit better here than the other categories here?

I’m a long-time audiophile, who is now looking to build a new audiophile system for keeps. It will be built around Audirvana 3.5, and at first my existing Lawry DAC, and later on a new DAC (likely USB based, Chord Electronics).

Now my question: Is there a sound quality difference between Audirvana on macOS versus on Windows? I’m happy to use either, I just don’t want to buy the ‘wrong’ license. :slight_smile:

Related to that, but a bit different – is there a reliability and stability difference? Where are the Audirvana users, are they using Windows or macOS predominantly?

Thank you for your help!

Hello @Monty-SE, there is no difference between MacOS or Windows 10 version of Audirvana. The choice only remain in the OS you are used to and the one you prefer but in the case of sound quality with Audirvana you’ll get the same result with either of them

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