Best settings for Gustard A22 (MQA) and Tidal

I have a Gustard A22 DAC which has MQA with USB. I run Audirvana on a macbook pro into the Gustard. Which are my best settings please? Right now I have

Auto-detect MQA devices? On
DAC not detected as MQA, use as MQA renderer
Native DSD streaming method DSD over PCM 1.0

Looking at Audirvana on my Mac and the DAC playing a Tidal album and I see:
Audirvana on mac AAC 16/44.1 kHz stereo (in left hand corner by album/track details)

I am becoming confused… And thank you

You probably have upsampling enabled, disable it. Set the MQA to MQA decoder. You should be good to go.

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