Beta is virtually unusable with large library


Now that my full library is loaded on Audirvana (over 350,000 files), I find the beta to be virtually unusable. I get frequent freezes both while trying to play music and while scanning the library.

Do you have a fix for this coming in the near future?



This is a current known limitation of the current beta with such huge library.

Getting the same level of performance (less than 2-3s for a view loading with such a 300k tracks huge library) as on Audirvana Plus for Mac is a target and currently a work in progress.


Thanks Damien,

Just to let you know that with my mac mini (2014 version), core i5 with SSD, I have no problem with the size of my library.

Looking forward to further progress, as I am enjoying the sound quality of the windows version (when I can get it to work).

By the way, do you have a roadmap as to where the beta is going – i.e., what you are expecting to do over the immediate future?


Just released beta 1015, fixing a few bugs in audio file read.
Regarding the huge libraries handling, this is a task for beginning of next week.
In the meantime, the current task is to complete the metadata editor.