Beta testing folder only

Hi damien
We Need a subfolder for Beta testing . Its getting messed up.

How ever i habe a request eitler in beta Or current release.

Srcolling in album, ill have some albums which dont have a Cover, as soon i a changed view to smaller Or bigger cover the albums have a cover but some Others wont.

Over 1000 albums and 14000 Tracks, 70% red Book, Rest high res flac, some dxd and DSD up to 256dsd

IT IT also wasnt happend before osx update kicked in.

Where do you see this issue? In Audirvana Plus or in A+ Remote ?
There is an issue with the albums cover display in A+ Remote. It’ll be fixed in next update.

Hi Damien,
The issue is not my problem it is, why you Are not making one subfolder for beta only,regardless of software Or app