Better understanding of Audirvana Origin pricing/conditions

As I am looking at an audio player for (just) my local library, I am seriously considering acquiring Audirvana Origin.
I understand that in principal I will have a lifetime license, but I am strugling to understand exactly what the potential risks are by the specified conditions:

  • Two years min. OS compatibility updates

  • At least one feature yearly updates until 2025

  • Two years min. OS compatibility updates
    If I buy Origin today, I will (have to) use it on a laptop running Windows10. For some reason my Intel processor blocks this laptop to upgrade to Windows 11.
    How will I be sure that I do not have to buy another PC in 2 (or more) years from now , in order to be able to keep using Audirvana Origin

  • At least one feature yearly updates until 2025

  • at least one : if you bring out 3 updates, will I be entitled to all 3 ?
  • what type of updates are there, or what exactly is meant by ‘yearly feature’ update’?
  • until 2025, i.e . on Jan 1st 2025 I am not entitled anymore ?
  • What about if I decide to order in April 2023, will it still be until 2025?

I try to get a precise understanding, in order to avoid having to buy an new Origin licence every 2 years. I would be better of to go for Audirvan Studio even if it still would be a little bit more expensive.

Thanks for clarifications

The support of Windows 10 will be dropped in 2025 as stated by Microsoft here:

Since your computer can’t switch to w11 then you will need to get a more recent laptop do get security updates. From now on, we can’t predict what will happen after 2025 but I’m pretty sure apps that has been support on W10 will still be after 2025, you will just have a higher risk of security on it so the decision comes to you to get a new computer or not.

Yes you will

Update that bring something new in the app like we have done with Chromecast in 2022.

It won’t be like this, I can’t tell you what will happen in 2025 because I don’t know what will happen at this time but we will communicate about it before reaching this date.

Yes it will but keep in mind that even after 2025, you will still be able to use Audirvāna Origin, we won’t remove your access to it. We needed to put some date for minimum update for legal agreement.

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Thank you for your complete and clear feedback. Dirk

Hello, I had the same questions made by ddetaey, but I’d to add one more.
You say that a registered user will still access his/her license after 2025, but is there any chance that the app won’t get any update after that date? If so, I might spend 120€ for an app that might last less than two years. Not a great deal…