Better Way to Edit Metadata?

Is there an alternative method to editing metadata than by doing it manually? I have only imported a small group of files from iTunes and having to edit in the small Title, Sort by, and other fields is tedious. Is there a better way? Are there any 3rd party tools available? Can I get into the database and edit with Excel? I do like to keep my metadata accurate, correct spelling, proper year of release, high quality album art, etc.
Thanks for the help!

If you want to do Excel like editing of the metadata, check out Jaikoz:

That looks great. Thank you!

There was a global say “Artist” Edit in previous version seems to have disappeared in V3.5, bloody annoying as ADV loads files with the Artist name reversed ie surname, first name. OK the odd single album entry but I have many albums by the same artists and in 2100 albums that’s a lot of editing, especially as I had gone through the source file and changed everything to first name surname.

There seems no way of selecting the Artist name separately, I did manage once to get to highlight the name and alter it but I wasn’t able to save it. May be a ctl key or F key to select??

Showed that times ago to people having Davis Miles and wanted Miles Davis showing…
not sure that you want…

See that my Adrian Belew are in A’s starting my library…

click any album cover with wrong Artist name,
then click the artist there to go to all albums of that artist,
change the name, the sorting or both…
then you see my Adrian Belew are now displayed in Belew Adrian with the B’s…
same for The Beatles for displaying Beatles The…

Well RunHomeSlow I thank you for that. I have tried on the odd occasion to do that global edit but it didn’t save, I see now I should just have tried to change the sort value.

This is a great tip, very helpful. Thank you.

If you want solutions just to edit metadata, check out the following:
MusicBrainz Picard
Tag Editor (Amvidia)
I use the first to get meta data from MusicBrainz
The Second for renaming etc…
Check 'em both out
Both are really great and user friendly and easy to use


Yate is the best tool I’ve found on Mac for metadata creation/editing - I use it for all my rips (via XLD or DAE) before importing into iTunes/Audivarna.