Big disaster: Library empty with SQL DB still there!

Dear all,

Today, after several months of good behaviour of AS, I was unable to access it. I discovered that my Mac mini that hosts the app was frozen. Rebooted it.
And then, when opening AS, nothing, rien, nada: totally empty, not even the list of dirs to be synced.
I retrieved an old DB (July) and restarted it, apparently I recover some of the files.

What happened?
What can I do? Running some utilities to recover the SQL DB?
I’m curious to know.

Just to add that I was not able to use the “repair” buttons for the DB. When tried it, always got an “Unknown error” message.
Sounds like the DB is heavily corrupted.

I am truly sympathetic. That is why I always keep a copy of the database file after I make any updates to my library and also try to keep a secured copy elsewhere just for safe keeping on the web.


Many thanks PasDeDeux!
That’s what I was used to do as well. But, the good behaviour of AS in the last 6 months reduced my level of vigilance to a very small value, up to the point of not making a backup copy. And, as I’m not able to use Time Machine on my Mac Mini, due to crashes of AS when the backup is active, I had to retrieve an old version of my DB (July 22).
Anyway, I almost successfully rebuilt my DB by resyncing all folders. Up to now, the process runs smoothly and I expect to get everything up and running by tomorrow.
I will have a look on possible tools I could use to analyse and possibly recover my old DB.

Hi @PasDeDeux

I keep my main Library drive plus two other drives with exact updated copies of the Library. Every change made in Audirvana are copied over to ther drives in real time.

Plus a copy of every downloaded original .zip file.

I’m slightly paranoid of losing all my music.


Waow! That looks like real paranoia! :wink:
On my side, for what concerns audio files, I have one copy on a NAS, and a backup on an external HDD which I disconnect and hide when not at home for a while (which rarely happens…)
True music lovers are never cautious enough to protect their treasure.

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I said maybe I’m a bit paranoid… But I meant VERY careful.

Hello @patifr,

Can you send your database file at If it’s above 20MB, send us a mail and I will give you a link to upload it.

Hello Antoine,
For your info, I checked the DB with DB Browser for SQLite and it reports an error “DB is malformed”, which indicates that the DB is quite seriously corrupted.
That DB is a little bit bigger than 20MB, it’s 2.46GB…

Not a problem, send me a mail and I will give you the link for the upload :wink:

OK, email sent to support. Did you get it? I have strange behaviour of my email client.

Got it, will respond to it asap.

You are not alone! Have used portable computers since the late 80’s, that’s not paranoia, it’s experience….