Big Sur, Audirvana, Dirac Live

I’m trying to use a Dirac Live trial and I’m having issues. It worked on Catalina, but I had to do a clean upgrade to Big Sur and it is not working with a new 14 days trial license now. When I open the Dirac Processor in audio units and try to use my account info it doesn’t open. Is there any issues with Big Sur and audio units?

Hello @Damian,

Before trying to open the Audio unit, have you connected your account in Dirac Live?

Hi Damien, thanks for the quick response. I can log in Dirac Live with my account via web. I can also connect the Dirac Live room correction software running in another computer. I’m not sure if I’m missing a step with the VST. I intentionally tried a wrong password and I get the wrong password message.
Thank you!

I mean Dirac Live software on the computer you actually use. I connected my account to it and i didn’t had to log to my account in the AU afterwards.

No, I haven’t done that. I’ll try it now. I followed the same instruction I did in Catalina. Will try and let you know. Thanks.

Thanks a lot Damien. It is working now, but I had to install the desktop calibration tool and log in. Then, when I started playing a song, Audirvana opened the audio units and I enter my Dirac Live credentials and this time it worked. So, the credentials didn’t work until I had the Desktop tool also running in the Macbook that runs Audirvana. Thanks again.