BigSur Integrated Mode


I updated MacOs with BigSur.
Audirvana 3.5.42 doesn’t work in the integrated mode with iTunes anymore.

(Even freeze the Mac on restart. I had to reinstall BigSur, no "big "deal :smirk:)

Maybe an update soon ?

Thank you


No one has an answer to my problem ?

Has Damien taken note of the problem ?

(easy to replicate, I’m having it on two different computers running the new M1 Mac silicon)


Hello @VinceG,

We will need to try to reproduce the issue on our side. Does Audirvana produce a crash while you are in Music integrated mode?

Hello Damien,
Thanks for replying

Actually I tried integrated mode with iTunes on two different laptops:

1.A 13 MacBook pro, runing BigSur on Intel. The whole computer crashed, and I had to reinstall BigSur

2.And on a 13 MacBook pro runing BigSur on Apple Silicon. The sound became impossible to adjust after a couple of seconds. No crash


Can you check in Security&Privacy>Automation>Check if Audirvana is enabled for Music

Hello Damien,
Audirvana is checked for music

Okay, can you run Apple diagnostics? The fact that your mac is crashing is probably due to an error in your MacOs. Audirvana may provoke the event of the crash but on our side it works without crash.

Unfortunatly I don’t have right now with me the computer that crashed.

But I have the second one (MacBook Pro 13 M1, BigSur) that doesn’t crashed (as mentioned in my first post) for which the sound is impossible to adjust when used Music integrated mode.

Audirvana is not working in Integrated mode on a MacBook Pro M1

No one seems to care ?

Wait for the native Audirvana version.

Hello @VinceG,

We are waiting for codes from MQA before doing the update for M1

Unfortunatly native M1 is stil not compatible with Music (iTunes) integrated mode.
It is a shame

Have you installed the latest version of Audirvana 3.5 on your M1?

Yes, it is the 3.5.43 (3573) built.

The config is : using iTunes in integrated mode with Audirvane on a MacBook M1
The problem : when changing the volume using Audirvana.


What is happening with the volume? It doesn’t work at all?

Changes in volume using Audrivana (or the MacOs system output) produces very high ups and downs without any linearity. Very difficult to use.

But I think that if you can get the same config as mine, it will be pretty obvious. Or come over to my place in Paris if you get a chance, I’ll show you -:slight_smile: