Bit perfect test via AS and RME ADI 2 DAC fs (issues)

Just an FYI. I tested the new AS release, using RME’s bit perfect test, results are:
Test Machine: Windows 10
Connection standard: uPnP
uPnP endpoint: Ropieee > USB

RME test Wavs:

  • 16 bit passes
  • 24 bit fails, passes at 16 bit (So somewhere between 24-16bit)
  • 32 bit passes

In contrast, my Roon solution passes bit perfect checks at all bit depths and sampling rates.
Windows Explorer uPnP also passes all tests for me @ 16b, 24, 32b.

Can other users with the RME ADI2-DAC fs perform this test and report back…?

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For me all tests are good with RME ADI-2-DAC fs in windows 10 (Asio)


I use always DSD 256 anyway

Ok, Interesting I was using uPnP from my Windows server AS to a Ropieee endpoint this time around, as this is a Roon setup. My original thread tested via USB, as per the debug.

Can you confirm you have sent 24 and 32bit wavs/flacs and the test passes at those bit depths, and not lower bit depths.

I will connect my RME ADI2 DAC fs directly to my Laptop (USB), install AS and try both Wasapi and Asio. Either way, AS should playback Bit perfect no matter which standard of connection is used.

At the moment, a strong wind is buffeting my house, and at times, it is lashing rain on the windows.
There will not be a walk on the beach before it calms down.

Does this break my Bitperfect listening session?

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Interesting, on 3.5 it claims my ropieee endpoint is limited to 24 bits.

Is this via USB? or uPnP?


Character limit fluff

Ok so I connected my laptop directly to the DAC via USB, rather than using Roon network (RAAT) or uPnP via Audirvana Studio. This time I only used the RME wavs to test.

Via Roon (Using RME Asio Madi driver):

  • All wavs passed at all sampling rates and bit depths via direct USB/ASIO
  • I then tested using RAAT from my server to Ropieee endpoint. Again all tests passed at native bit depths and sampling rates.

Via AS (Using RME Asio Madi driver):

  • 16bit and 32bit passed at native bit depths
  • 24bit passed at 16bit (so somewhere between 24-16bit)

**Via Windows Explorer Cast uPnP:

  • All wavs passed at all sampling rates and bit depths via direct USB/ASIO

Anyway I’ll leave it there. Its weird 24 bit is not passing correctly.
I think I’m just going to stick with Roon.

I have exactly the same problem, 16 and 32 bit pass fine but 24 bit pass as 16 bit. Something funky is going on with 24bit through AS.

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