Bitrate/Freq showed in Qobuz /= Bitrate to DAC?


I am using the latest Audirvana version and wondering about the following:

I have a Qobuz HIFI account. Irregarding the Bitrate and SPL. Rate of the song, right below corner of Audirvana always says 24/44,1kHz Stereo. While on the left corner it shows FLAC 16/44,1.

Why doesnt the right corner value goes up to the bitrate and SPL of the track in Qobuz?
What does the left corner value mean?

Some other (maybe) useful info:

  1. My DAC (NorthStarDesign - USB32) is linked by an optical cable. Audirvana recognizes it to go until a supported PCM rate of 96.
  2. Audirvana runs on unmodified Mac Mini (mid 2011).
  3. In the account setting of Qobuz I limited Audirvana to “HiRes - 96khz”.

Hi Sander_Kaa!
This is observed by many of us, maybe all. Only difference is, I don’t have the opportunity to send from my laptop via S/PDIF or TOSLINK. But with USB it’s exactly the same behaviour. Only when using DLNA via LAN or WLAN it is correct.
By the way, nice piece of italian hardware! Why don’t you go USB? Just a decent cable would do, maybe 3.0, gold plated contacts. Wouldn’t help with your issue, but I bet it would sound better.

Thanks BeagleBoy for letting me know it is an universal issue. Makes me even more interested in why this is as we see it!

The NorthStarDesign DAC is a splendid piece. But de USB implementation is not futureproof unfortunately. As I need a driver to use USB (even on a Apple computer), I rely on the company to publish such a driver. There is no driver for operating systems after El Capitan. This creates an update issue as was stuck on that OS. Now Audirvana released their 3.5 edition and remote control on Android (my wife has one) moving over to the newest OS and having Audirvana to be controlled from her device was very tempting. And you know what: I do not hear any difference between optical and USB. Tonight I borrow a ‘audiophile’ USB -> SPDIF converter to see of I hear any differences compared to current optical set-up but I do not expect magic. But trying out is half the fun isn’t it?

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