Bitrate search is 192kHz

Can I search Audirvana for albums with a bitrate of 192 kHz?
Can the search be further limited to just classical albums? Just albums with
composer JS Bach and bitrate 192?

You can make smart playlists for each 192 or classic or whatever you want,
i made many for genre, sample rates and years, that narrow my searches…
in fact, i never search :slight_smile:

Hi RunHomehow
seems simple but i’m having problems
i tried to create a smartplaylist with criteria sample rate is 192 and genre is classic
I called this playlist 192 but how does it load the albums from Qobuz into this playlist?
I searched under 192 but it just gave me albums that are not 192 KHz
What am i doing wrong?

thanks for any help you can give

can’t help you on streaming, i never did.

My files are all local and all tagged like i want them, then i don’t have to put them in the smart playlist,
everytime i have a new CD and it has a year, genre, sample rate…
it goes to the right playlist automatically, so i can see the classic CD @ 192 in
the classic and the 192 playlist :slight_smile:

I understand

thats a real downside of Audirvana, it should be able to search a Streaming service like Audirvana
and give me selected albums meeting my citeria

I wasn’t aware there were any CDs at a sample rate of 192, i guess i’m wrong

thanks for you quick response

CD just meant Albums (hires) :grinning:
I dont use physical albums now, all digitalized

Maybe someone who stream will help you…

I just think of something… i don’t know if the streaming sites do the replay gain in their taging?
mine are done with all new music… you just click the tag icon and compute replay gain for that album…
then you will have the 192 if you put the Sample Rate tab in the album list view, and it will go automatically in the smart 192 playlist… Again, don’t know if you can do that with streaming, but easy to try :slight_smile:

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