Bizarre issue - audirvana stops playing until VNC connection is made

I’ve got a bit of bizarre issue with audirvana 3.5.50 that just stops playing intermittently, between songs.

I’ve just updated my setup : mac mini (late 2014) 2.6ghz 8gb ram macos monterey running audirvana
I use the audirvana remote to play the music. Intermittently (randomly), in between tracks, sometimes audirvana just stops playing. It shows that its playing, but the time stays at 00:00, pausing and unpausing, stopping and replaying does nothing.

if I VNC into the mac mini, as soon as a connection is made, the music starts playing again. I didn’t even click on anything, but as soon as the screen sharing on VNC connects to the mac mini, it corrects the issue.

Its pretty weird, and since its somewhat random, hard to track down the issue. its like the VNC connection kick starts audirvana into continuing to play the music.

Any ideas what this may be?

Could be that the Mac Mini CPU is working too hard and using a majority of the RAM, because the graphics processing is not being supported by the video sub-system when the Mac Mini is running headless, … This could solve your problem.

Mac and PC computers can pack phenomenal power into a compact form factor, but when they’re operated without a display attached, the GPU isn’t activated — meaning it’s not pulling its weight. So when you access your Mac or PC remotely, the CPU does all the work in rendering the user interface. As a result, the interface lags; OS animation, cursor movement, menu navigation, and typing all suffer, making remote operations a pain.

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Thanks for your reply. It makes sense, although wouldn’t that be the case for all headless mac mini users out there?

If you do some searching on this forum you will see that it has solved the problem for some users here… It may be the over-arching issue for headless Mac Mini users…

On my side I also have an headless Mac Mini with Ventura (13.0.1).
I don’t use VNC but simply the screen sharing mechanism provided by MAC OS. Never had any problem.
It’s weird to have the activation of an app having an effect on audio playback. But I would say that during audio playback it’s recommended not to interact with the computer. But in your case, it’s almost the contrary: activation of an app correct the issue.
Regarding the issue, are you sure that there is no application interacting with the audio device?

If in fact you are using your own experience with your Mac Mini set-up regarding interaction during playback, the sensitivity of your playback scenario to interaction, may be associated to the CPU doing all of the video processing in concert with the audio processing…
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Yep. Running Audirvana 3.5.50 with system optimizer. no other open apps
its seemingly random too
I use the screen sharing built in to macos also (it is a VNC viewer basically)

Finally figured this out (in case anyone else had similar issues)

So after migrating A3.5.50 to headless imac mini, i’ve been getting weird behaviour (suddenly player starting by itself, or not playing next song until screen sharing into computer , etc)

So, the issue was the mac mini was detecting stray infrared signals from my TV remote. I forgot there is an IR sensor in the older mac minis. So deactivating “USE APPLE IR REMOTE” in audirvana solved this issue.

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