bluesound node 2

is A+3 compatible/work with Bluesound Node 2

why can’t someone answer my query? all it requires is a simple YES or NO

Just saw your request now… why you just try it and see?? A+ is free to try… can you tell me if it works with Wired Dac?

@RunHomeSlow: Thank you- I have Audirvana it seems forever now A+3 and it works perfectly both with a wired DAC(ME2/DFRed/Schiit Gungnir) and also works perfectly using the iPhone and iPad apps via WiFi while listening with my Sennheiser RS-195 wireless headphones. I intend to use the BSN2 on my 3rd floor to stream TIDAL/Qobuz/Deezer/Spotify/ParadiseRadio/ROON
I do intend to buy and trial the BSN2 will see if it is compatible-I was just curious about A+3 it will not be a deal breaker
thanks again for you response bobbmd

I use blue sound Node 2i with a pair of Devilatet Phantom Golds. Not sure what this is doing to the sound. Does not sound as good as using Roon. I opted for Aurdivana because of the price point. Aurdivana seem to have too many settings for me , but at the moment I have no choice. If anyone has tried this setup I would like to know.