BlueSound Speaker


is there no chance to connect Audirvana to BlueSound Speakers via WLAN?

Cheers and thanks for any assistance

You can do that only using AirPlay.

Thanks. But how is the guide to do this settings … ?

Are you on a Mac or PC? Which BlueSound speaker you have?

MacBookPro, Pulse Flex 2i (2x) and Node2i. But i would like only to connect to one Flex in my HomeOffice. Node and the other are connected to TV

Thank you so much

Devices with 2i support AirPlay. If you’re on a Mac you can use play through those devices, just select the AirPlay output.

If you’re on a PC you’re out of luck, or you’ll need third party app.

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Thank you so much, but how to …?

It is exactly what annoys me about so many apps and devices. The usability is usually weak. Too complicated. Not the way you “think”…

In Audirvana the speaker is not displayed
In BlueOS Controller I have the options Analog, Bluetooth and wifi for the player.
On the MacBook there is Airplay only for the TV …

I hate this…

Airplay option found in Audirvana after restarting the app

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