'BPM' not appearing

So, I have run Audio Signal analysis to, hopefully, capture all metadata. Funny thing, on some albums BPM does not show up _when things like DR do, Here’s the thing, though, the BPM for each track appears only after the track finishes playing. In any case, is there any way to retrieve BPM data for albums that are missing it?

Hi @rafs,

The audio anaylsis is here to add the DR of the track, in the case of BPM, you will need to use a third party tool like this one:

Thanks for that. I tried it, and it does a good analysis, but I was hoping to get the BPM data into the AO library, in the way that other music players show it. And … I just found out the solution. If I re-analyze the album in JRMC (which I use for cataloguing and archiving), the DR and BPM show up in AO. Pretty cool!!