Broken - Critical

Trialing Studio - this was working fine. Today only 30 seconds per Qobuz track is played before jumping to the next track.

Check out Steve Reich/Reich Richter - can anyone on a MacOS play more than 30 seconds of each track? Ditto Robert Young’s Barn.

Audirvāna 3.5.x plays these tracks perfectly from beginning to end.


Mac OS11.4 Audivana 11301

Have you tried to reconnect the Qobuz account?

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I’ve tried Steve Reich - Reich Richter and it plays normally here.
On both my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Each running on macOS 12.4 / Audirvana Studio 11301

You could try Bitracer’s suggestion.

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Thanks for the helpful suggestions both - for some bizarre reason Studio had connected to an ancient Qobuz account (I did not have to login when I installed it, which did puzzle me). Aurivana 3.5 was connected to the correct one - hence the 30 second tracks on Studio.

Now I can enjoy the music! When I trialled Studio on launch, I was unimpressed, but a year or so down the line, the audio difference is noticeable.

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I’m happy with AS as well. I’ve just extended my first subscription, the other one will follow in July.

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After last year’s trial, I never thought I would touch Studio again, but on a whim I gave it a another go and I will now subscribe.

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