Browse by Genre?

I am trialing Origin and seemed puzzled as to find where I can browse by Genre. I would have expected a menu item on the left. Is there such a thing somewhere I am missing?

Search is not yielding any helpful results and this seems like a basic function of a library manager. ??

Screenshot 2023-03-05 080930 - Copy

How would Audirvana know what genre you have selected for your albums.
You can sort by genre and create your own playlists based on genre.
Generic genres don’t work, for instance I selected R&B once, and got Beyonce!
Searched Rock and got The Smiths! - I never use genre as a category, so much music is, one, wrongly categorised, in the listener’s opinion, or two, could be categorised in multiple genres; genre is too vague, and too personal.

Use filters

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That’s because you “prefer” to don’t tag your file yourself

Precisely. And that’s the problem. I may call a certain group of artists, x-rock, you may call it y-rock; So how can an audio player such as Audirvana have genres built into it’s menu? You musyt crate these lists yourself. And the tools are there, if you can be so bothered.

As others said already, use filters. Here you can add filters on anything you like including genre. Of course your music files need to have genre tags in the metadata, otherwise it won’t work (garbage in, garbage out).

If you are looking for a simple ‘file manager like’ folder view. Click here:

Don’t expect Audirvana to be a complete file manager though. You can delete albums and tracks from your libraty in Audirvana, but that won’t physically delete the music files on your disk.
You’ll have to manage your physical music files in the file manager of your operating system (Finder for Mac, or Explorer for Windows).

Also many options in Audirvana have an information button you can click on for more info:

And (before you ask): no there is no (online or offline) manual :smile:

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Thank you for the replies. Tag quality is not the topic of discussion however curious as to where the tagging comes from.

Cool on the Filters for a Genre. I think the guidance was something like this?
Smart Filter = New Wave, New Wave Electronic, etc…

How do I get another Playlist to be here? I do not see a Favourites to add. When I create a New List it removes the previous one it seems.
Screenshot 2023-03-05 095542 - Copy

On tagging…
Where is the tagging coming from in Origin? I have no New Wave Electronic Genre in my embedded tags however it is available in Origin. This can be seen in the J River Genres reading the embedded tag info. Does Origin seek these from somewhere Discogs, Tivo or other sources?

I like to see how other librarians categorize the sub-genres. Is that the way this works with Audirvana? Like Roon, I would expect to ignore the embedded Genre and use it’s own as part of the “service”.

Thanks for your patience.


Click on the ‘+’ and see the screenshot below. Every time you click + a new playlist will be created with a name like ‘New playlist 01’ etc. You can edit the name when you edit the playlist:

I also advise you to hover your mouse over all the icons in the upper bar of Audirvana (an info balloon will pop up) and explore what they do.

Origin does not look online for tags. The tags are coming from inside your music (*.flac etc.) files. So the genre ‘New Wave electronic’ has to come somewhere from there. You can edit the tags in your music files with an external tag editor (like Musicbrainz Picard or MP3Tag), or you can edit the tags in Audirvana itself:

Audirvana Origin is only meant for playing local music files unlike Roon. Origin uses the metadata in your files and therefore uses the embedded metadata.

Roon’s philosophy is to provide you with a ‘glossy magazine’, streaming services and extensive online search. Also Roon has a complete staff curating their own database, metadata tags etc…

The philosophy of Audirvana Origin is much simpler: A music player for your local library without streaming and making use of the information in the files themselves.

This also reflects in the price. Audirvana Studio is a one time purchase for around 100 Euro’s (on the top of my head). Roon is subscription based and much more expensive.

There is also a ‘Audirvana Studio’ which is subscription based and does streaming. This version will look for metadata online (in MusicBrainz). But this is also simpler in comparison to Roon.

It all boils down to preference.

Thank you… On the Playlist thing, must be a User at Keyboard Problem as none stick and all are Static. I’ll play with it.

I was not expecting online which is why I selected Origin for local only purposes. I get this and have read the manual before posting. There are no such Genres as ‘Adult Contemporary’ on my tracks which is why I am investigating.

Here is an example of something made up called Adult Contemporary:

J River tag:

I am just trying to understand how tagging is attributed and not to manipulate or change any tags. That’s why I use J River as my master editor.

Before I digitised and got rid of most of my vinyl, ripped and got rid of most of my CDs, the only ‘organisation’ that happened was that the most recently played album, CD or Vinyl, end up at the same end of the shelf! every visit to play something in particular required use of my memory as to where I put it, or just searching patiently through the shelves. Having Audirvana putting my collection in artist order ( alphabetically ) is more organisation than I can take! I love just searching visually through my collection, seeing the album I fancy playing and selecting it. I never think "I fancy listening to - insert genre - " or “I fancy listening to - insert file resolution - " or " I fancy listening to _ insert year -”, I will decide on an artist I fancy hearing, and then choose the album, that’s about all the categorisation I require.
You guys that categorise down to the font used in the sleeve notes, respect!

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Hi @MikeO3 ,

The screenshot from Audirvāna Origin is when you select a track, if you open the album without selecting a track, what genre do you see?

Thanks for sharing how to browse by genre.

There is another way doing this which consist of sorting by Genre and then group your albums by Genre :wink: :