Browsing by custom TAGs


I am new to Audirvana, just started a new trial.

I have been using LMS and Asset uPnP for many years and have amassed a large number of custom TAGs which I would like to expose in the Studio GUI and on the remote in order to be able to browse by them…

One very basic example would be browsing by RATING. In Asset uPnP it’s quite trivial to define the list of extra TAGs you want to be scanned in the database and then modify the browse tree in order to include those in the menus.

On LMS I could use the Custom Scan / Custom Browse plugins to achieve the same result, while in Roon I could populate the ROONALBUMTAG custom TAG with all required values and those would appear in the list of TAGs and could be used for filtering.

The question is: how can I achieve a similar result in Audirvana? I could find no option or topic anywhere describing this and it seems like quite a basic requirement to me.

Thank you!

Hello @amatala,

Have you tried using the filter rating in Studio?


Thanks for the response.

Yes, this seems to be fine for RATING, but it doesn’t seem to work for other TAGs like COUNTRY for example… I still have about 20 other TAGs I would like to be able to browse/filter with, but I am not seeing them in the list.
Is there a configuration option that has to be adapted first in order to have those loaded in the database (e.g. in Asset uPnP there is a text file to be edited in order to add more TAGs to be loaded in the database before they can be used in menus) ?


Does the containers I can see in the screenshot you made are in reality folders or it’s only the GUI that is tricking my out?

No, those are 2 albums which have RATING=3. I am just running Audirvana on small subset of around 2K files to see how it handles my TAGs. My full library contains over 326K files and scanning it would probably take days (scanning in Audrivana seems to be particularly slow, many times slower than everything else I ever used), so can’t use it for a full volume test yet…

For now I can’t seem to figure out how to separate played albums from unplayed albums (my files all contain playback TAGs which Audirvana doesn’t seem to take into account) and how to browse by album duration…
So I can’t create filters to list unplayed albums of 45 minutes imported in the past 30 days… for example… like I used to be able to do in Roon…

This is the purpose of a smartplaylist:

You can create one here (click on the playlist with thunder to do it):


OK, we’re progressing, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

But I think that Duration filter criteria is actually track duration and the playlist will contain tracks from many albums… What I need is a list of albums for which the total album duration is x minutes…
I always listen to full albums, not just random tracks, so when I have x minutes free to play an album, I want to be able to pick an album that fits my listening slot…
The only way I could achieve that in other software was by computing the full album duration (rounded up to the next minute) and save it in the ALBUM_DURATION TAG, which I could then use as a filter, but this is a “self made” TAG which is not recognized by Audirvana.

You are right, the Duration you see is only for Tracks. However since you are the first person asking us about this, we will add this in our logs but we wont add it in studio anytime soon.

Thanks for the feedback, I was not expecting that feature to be made available anytime soon as no one else seems to need it, but I was hoping for Audirvana to be able to read and make use of custom tags. As I already have a script that calculates the album duration and saves it in the ALBUM_DURATION TAG in all my files, I was hoping Audirvana could make use of that TAG in the same way LMS or Asset uPnP do, and have that criteria available in the list of filters, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be possible either.

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Ditto this. Custom tags for both albums, tracks, and playlists would be wonderful for meta data nerds (like me). Examples: Sub-genre/style, country of origin, notable musicians who aren’t artist or album artist, etc. The ability to name the tags would be even better. My custom Country tag example could then have different values and the tag name could be used to sort views, build playlists, etc.