Bubbleupnp audirvana remote app

Why doesn’t work audirvana remote app standalone like Bubbleupnp?

Because it is not designed that way? BubbleUpnp is a server. The Audirvana remote app is not. It is what the name says: a ‘remote’ app for operating Audirvana on your computer.

If it would work standalone it would be basically a independent Audirvana program on your tablet or phone. Currently there is no Audirvana for Android or iOS platforms. If there where it would probably be a severely limited version of the ‘full’ Audirvana because of hardware limitations (think no upsampling, no VST’s, limited in maximum samplerate etc. etc.)

Maybe you can ask for a ‘portable’ Audirvana on Android or iOs in the ‘User Voice’ category in this forum? If they they are going to make it (if ever) I expect it to be a different product which you have to buy separately.


Bubbleupnp is a upnp app, it’s not a server, maybe you’re confusing it with Bubbleupnpserver that is not a server too but an intermediate layer needed to give some renderers OpenHome compatibility


Because Audirvana is not a upnp renderer nor a upnp mediaserver

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Sorry, my bad. Read it too quickly. Was indeed confusing it with bubbleupnp server.

Audirvana is an ad hoc UPnP control point, but yes, I believe it needs a UPnP renderer (often upmpdcli, which runs on Linux).