Bug: audio transport state not reflected in "mini player"

(a) how is there no bug report submission link from the main website - did i miss this?
(b) steps to replicate:

  1. launch application
  2. navigate through library to an album so that the tracks of the album are in view
  3. start playback
  4. choose the cycle mode to be either repeat album (blue loop) or repeat track (blue loop with “1” in a circle)
  5. switch to mini player mode (or whatever it is called for this app) by using the upper right corner ‘button’
  6. note that the transport repeat state is back to a white loop
  7. sit around to note that the application behavior is obeying the cycle mode chosen in step 4.

Hello @quarkdoll,

Regarding your different questions:

a) you are in the right section to report a bug or everything else you want to share about the interface of Audirvana :wink:

b) thank you for your precise description, we managed to reproduce it on our side and will fix this issue in a future update.

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