[BUG] Extension .aif tracks import unreliably

I have A+ on my iMac for archive purposes and on a Mac Mini as my headless server.

I buy AIFF tracks from HDTracks and copy them to my archive SSD (attached to iMac) and to the SSD of the Mac Mini. Relevant is that HDTracks provides AIFF files with a .aif extension.

On the most recent occasion of two albums - opening A+ on the iMac, I get all tracks showing correctly, with track number, bit depth and sample rate shown.

On opening A+ on the Mac Mini, well over half the tracks of one album are shown with no track number (except it’s left in the Track Title as something like “01-Track title”), no sample rate or bit depth, and in a few cases, no track time either. The other album has no track numbers at all (them all being embedded in the titles).

If I change the track extensions to .aiff then A+ will display them correctly.

However, why the random behaviour - hence reporting as a bug!?